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the next generation.

It's time for a new approach

The support you need for the outcomes you want​

When you sign up to PIPI, you’ll get:

  • In-depth support with recruitment
  • The ability to be ultra specific about skills required
  • Committed workers who are ready to learn
  • Workers who align with your values and share your vision
  • Ongoing support from the PIPI team

We think you’ll agree that paving the way for the next generation to build their careers in your industry is pretty important.

How great is it that you can do this while improving your business and operations?

Sounds good eh!

Look, it’s been pretty rough.

We know NZ’s primary industries in particular have been hugely impacted by skill shortages. Add to that the limitations from the ‘vid, a lack of workers from overseas, and demand is still through the roof – yeah, we agree – it’s time for a new strategy.

Wouldn’t it feel good to be part of the changing face of your industry?

Yeah, we think so too.

Enough chit-chat. We’ve got news:

They’re arriving now! Are you ready?

They’re motivated, they’re learning, and they’re chomping at the bit to get stuck in – so let’s get you connected.

You seem busy – sign up now and leave it to us.

FAQs For Employers

For sure! We know that a role as a farm hand or a labourer can be a great starting block for newbies, where people can build the foundational skills to progress their careers.

Nobody expects to be CEO in their first role – but we know the best way to learn is on the job, and the best place to start is at the beginning.

There are heaps of places already available that can help you find temp or seasonal workers.

If you’re looking for seasonal staff, try these websites:

For more info on opportunities within the primary industries: Opportunity Grows Here
For horticulture: Pick NZ
For wine: Wine Jobs Online

Otherwise, try the Work and Income Recruitment website, or check out

You’ve still got the reins when it comes to who you employ.

When you participate in PIPI, we’ll send you the CVs of people who we think will fit the bill, and you’ll get to interview them and decide if they’re right for you and your business.

You’ll also get access to some online learning which is focused on soft skills, so you can feel confident in interview skills, how to have difficult conversations, and how to be a good teacher.

The employment process itself is up to you – you know what and who is best fit for you and your team. We’re just here to give you a helping hand.

This project is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission as part of their Covid-19 response fund. This funding has allowed us to undertake over a year’s worth of research, and to run this pilot to test the concept without charging any fees for the participants.

PIPI is designed to bring people into lifelong learning and careers in the primary industries.

We know that the primary industries provide heaps of opportunities for career pathways and development, both within and between industries – that’s the beauty of such a diverse industry!

We want to show how people can gain a career, not just a job, and PIPI is the perfect place to start. The best place to learn is on the job, so as their employer, you’re also their teacher. They’ll learn about your business while being part of your business, so you are equipping them with the skills to be a fully effective member of your team.

We expect that you will work with them to develop their career pathway goals, and support them in achieving those goals – wherever that will take them.

Their skill levels will vary depending on previous experience and employment – but the PIPI programme includes soft skill training for both the employee and the employer, so you’ll also get some good teaching skills under your belt.

What we do know for sure is that they’ll arrive with a keen interest in your industry, and a willingness to learn – how cool is that?!

As long as your requirements don’t discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc, normal employment law stuff, you can be as specific as you need to be. There will be some necessary attributes that you need, in a practical sense, for your workplace.

However, we ask that you keep an open mind – if you put the blinkers on you might miss someone fantastic!

PIPI is a new way of thinking about attraction, recruitment and retention. It’s a pilot project, so we are asking you to take a chance on the process, and make the most of the online learning and mentor programmes.

At the 6 and 12 month marks, we’ll survey you for your feedback on the programme. We think that learning is a lifelong journey – so while your newest team member will be learning on the job from you, you will also be learning and developing your skills as a leader.

It’s important not to expect that you’ll be getting a 2IC, or someone who can hit the ground running. PIPI participants may be completely new to your industry, but they’re there because they truly want to learn: investing your time in them is the same as investing in your business.