Pathways Into Primary Industries.

A small yet mighty cog in a massive machine

Our mission is to facilitate and nurture partnerships that lead to purpose-filled careers and successful businesses.

It’s all about paving the path to secure futures for New Zealanders and our industries.

What are we up to?

The PIPI pilot programme is designed to facilitate three key areas:


Making the appeal of the industry equal to its impact on GDP. 


Making darn sure that we get the right training for the right people in order to get them into the right jobs.


Keeping Kiwi talent committed to the future of New Zealand’s primary industries.

Training, mentorship and support for learners + connecting career-driven Kiwis with employers in NZ’s primary industries. 

Meet the people behind the pilot

When you sign up to the pilot, one of these awesome folks will contact you directly to get you started. 



When I was little, I wanted to be a forensic scientist – so I got a degree in literature, worked at a bank, and have spent the last six years working in the primary sector.

It turns out, I wasn’t a fan of blood after all, and these days the primary sector has its leafy grip on my heart. I’m a problem solver, and love working with people to develop solutions and build connections between people, things and ideas.

I’m absolute proof of the power of transferable skills – my own career is built on them. That’s why PIPI is so important, and why I’ve dedicated the last 18 months to bringing it to life.


PIPI Research Analyst

On paper, I’m a marketer and comms guy, but in real life, I’m a people person with a knack for making sure that everyone feels heard.

I’ve been Eve’s right-hand human in bringing PIPI to the people.

To me, PIPI is about bringing people and industries together, and creating strong, lasting relationships.

A pan-sector employment tool makes a lot of sense for our primary industries, and we’re set on making this one something massive.