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Facilitating Attraction, Recruitment & Retention
in New Zealand's Primary Industries

Welcome to the PIPI pilot programme

This is where people meet the pipeline

We’re connecting career-ready people with business owners who are ready to kick their vision into high gear. 

Launch Your Career

They say if you wanna change the world, you should start in your own backyard. Lucky for us, our backyard is absolutely stacked with opportunities.

It’s for you if:

  • You want job certainty
  • You want to see if your skills are transferable
  • You’re looking for a meaningful career
  • You’re curious about what a job in the primary industries might lead to
  • You’re ready for a change
  • You’re motivated and keen to learn
  • You want support along your career journey

So… Keen?

Fill a Vacancy

We’re taking the slog out of finding skilled, dedicated Kiwis ready to work in the primary industries.

Too hard? Nah. We’ve got this.

It’s for you if:

  • You’re looking for long-term employees
  • You have a vacancy to fill
  • You’re fed up with the hiring process
  • You don’t have time to trial employees
  • You’re struggling to find someone with the right skills
  • You want to retain your employees for longer
  • The ‘vid has left you with a shortage of workers

So… Need a hand?

Wanna skip to the good part?

If this is just the thing you’ve been waiting for, let’s skip the small talk.
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Take the PIPI Careers Quiz

Not sure where to start? We don’t blame you – the opportunities are limitless.

So we’ve made a handy quiz to help you sort the milk from the whey. It’s all about matching who you are with where you can have the greatest impact.